Event Facility Rental Policies

Event Facility Rental Policies and Procedures

The Facility Rental Policies and Procedures document is a comprehensive guide to all the rules and regulations regarding the rental of a facility with the City of Des Moines. Working together, we help ensure your event is enjoyable and safe.

The following is an overview of the critical points in the document. Please read the entire document before you book a facility.



Renters are responsible for the conduct of all members of their party. Disorderly conduct, intoxicated persons, or disturbance of the public peace will result in being required to vacate the premises, as well as forfeiture of damage deposit and rental fees.

Reservations are accepted up to two years in advance. The following are required to book a facility.

  • A damage deposit, a signed Facility Use Agreement, and a signed Policies and Procedures Agreement. We do not hold facilities without a damage deposit on file.
  • One additional adult may be listed on the Facility Use Agreement as an Alternate Contact Person.
  • Renter and Alternate Contact (if any) must be at least 21 years of age, and at least one MUST be present during the entire event unless approved 30 days before the event date.


  • 100% of the Damage Deposit is due when submitting the Facility Use Application to secure a facility and reserve a date.
  • DAMAGE DEPOSITS INCLUDE A NON-REFUNDABLE $175.00 BOOKING AND MAINTENANCE FEE. ($30.00 Booking and Maintenance fee for Picnic Shelters)
  • Refunds are contingent upon the condition of the building following your event.
  • Payment methods accepted are: Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Check, or Money Order.


  • Rental fees vary per building; please contact the office for current pricing. All quotes are only valid for 90 days after the quote date.
  • Rental fees must be paid in full thirty (30) days before the event.
  • Rental fees not paid by due date are subject to a $25 late fee per business day. Failure to pay rental fees in full by the due date may also be deemed cancellation by Renter, at the option of the City.
  • Bookings made less than 30 days before the event date require payment of ALL FEES in full when booking.
  • Payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard, cash, check, or money order.


At least 30 days before your event, please review your event permit in detail to ensure that all times, rental requests, and services you want are listed.

The following general expectations and housekeeping items may answer your questions.

What We Do – Day Of

  • Provide one on-site staff person for the duration of your event.
  • Walk through the facility to show the areas and supplies to which you have access
  • Provide tables and chairs at each facility – call or email for current inventory.
  • Assist in answering questions and troubleshooting during your event.
  • Guide your clean-up and walk-through the building to inspect before your departure.
  • Maintain main room restrooms and ensure they are stocked and clean throughout the event.
    Our staff will not handle large spills, broken glass, or hazardous materials.
  • Empty city-owned garbage and recycling cans.
  • Monitor the parking lot to ensure all cars are parked legally.
    Please note: if there is more than one event taking place in the Beach Park, parking will be festival style/first come, first served for all event guests.
  • Ensure that alcohol is only consumed at events with proper permits and ensure that all alcohol stays within the facility.


    What You Do – Day Of

    • Arrive at your scheduled start time. Early drop off or set up is not allowed.
    • Set up all tables, chairs, and other supplies as needed for your event.
    • Bring all of your own extension cords, tape, and ladders. We do not provide any of these items.
    • You will need to bring all items required for food storage, service, and prep.
    • Tear down all tables, chairs, and other supplies following your event.
    • Renter/Caterer MUST clean kitchen as needed. Kitchen cleaning is NOT included in the teardown Fee.
    • Review a Rental Inspection Checklist with the Facility Attendant before and after your event.
    • Remove all guests and personal items by your contracted end time.


    All events are required to have Event Insurance for a minimum policy of $1,000,000.00 with the City of Des Moines listed as the additional insured (including Picnic Shelter rentals). You must use the address of the Facility you are renting on your insurance.

    The required insurance policy is Commercial General Liability insurance and/or Host Liquor Liability Insurance with limits of $1 million each, combined single limits per occurrence naming the City of Des Moines as an additional insured.

    Events serving alcohol must also acquire Host Liquor Liability Coverage for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with the City of Des Moines listed as the additional insured.

    *Note: Bounce houses must be rented from an accredited company, require proper insurance and must be staffed by the rental company when inflated.

    Renters may obtain insurance by contacting their own insurance agency or through the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) carrier at: https://tulip.intactspecialty.com/e/tulip/apply.aspx. If acquiring your insurance through another agency, please ensure the following is listed as the Additional Insured: City of Des Moines.


    If you plan to host a party with alcohol in a City building, please note the following:

    • No alcohol is allowed at ANY event that is in celebration of a minor – for example, high school graduation, christening, birthday party for any person under age 21.
    • Any group misrepresenting their event as something other than what it is in an effort to bypass the above rule will forfeit their entire damage deposit as a penalty.
    • Provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Des Moines as additional insured.
    • Purchase an appropriate state liquor permit to display at your event. To purchase a state liquor permit, visit the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board website, https://lcb.wa.gov/.
    • Please provide either:
      A Banquet Permit (to serve alcohol)
      Special Occasion Liquor Permit (to sell alcohol)

    Items to Note if You Plan to Serve Alcohol at an Event

    • Insurance costs vary per event type and size. See Insurance Requirements, for details on getting a quote.
    • Rental clients are responsible for the behavior of their party.
    • Keep all items stored on ice off the floor. Please bring absorbent material to place under them to avoid puddles as these are a tripping hazard.
    • Alcohol is not permitted outdoors, in parks, in parking lots, or similar at any time.
    • Underage drinking is NOT permitted and will result in termination of the rental agreement.
    • If an event is booked as a non-alcohol event and improperly serves alcohol, the rental will be terminated, and all damage deposits will be surrendered.

    Expulsion from a city facility, for any reason, results in forfeiture of all fees and deposits with no refund.


    The City of Des Moines has implemented Paid Parking in both the Beach Park and Marina parking lots. Current parking regulations are listed on the City of Des Moines website at www.desmoineswa.gov, under Municipal Code 15.12. Current rates are available on the homepage of the Des Moines Marina website at www.desmoinesmarina.com.

    Please note, parking is NOT included in facility rental prices. Guests are responsible for paying for parking during their event. Renters have the option of pre-purchasing parking vouchers to distribute to their guests so that they can park free of charge. Pre-purchased parking vouchers will be the subject of a separate agreement and will not guarantee a space for your guests. Refunds of unused vouchers will be governed by the separate voucher agreement.

    Contact us today for more information about renting our historic facilities.