The Des Moines Beach Park Event Center has dozens of fantastic locations for wedding couple photos. We are the quintessential blend of Pacific Northwest with sandy beaches and woodsy backdrops, sure to make any photographer light up.

These are our top six locations for wedding couple photos. Do you have a favorite? We would love to hear them! Contact us to share them.

    1. Get Down to the Beach
      Did you know that beach access is public at the Beach Park? Hence the name! Walk across our expansive meadow and right down to the sandy shores of our intimate beach – complete with driftwood and coastal rocks! Check the tide times to get a close-up shot of the water at high tide or explore sea life with your new best mate when the tide is all the way out. The big question is… to wreck the dress or not to wreck the dress?
    2. The Marina Pier 
      Our pier reaches way out over the Puget Sound for a gorgeous water view without stumbling over rocks in high heels. Take advantage of the island views to the east – both Maury Island and Vashon Island are a stone’s throw away for another perfect Pacific Northwest backdrop.
    3. The Grand Staircase of The Dining Hall 
      The steps at The Dining Hall are a popular place for wedding couple photos! Grab your wedding party to make the pictures even more dynamic or if you are renting the Dining Hall, use the stairs for an exciting departure shot.
    4. Tuck into the Woods 
      Trees, trees, and more trees. The Beach Park is nestled into a wooded hillside with lush greenery everywhere you look. You can literally tuck yourself and your sweetie into any location and get a perfect one-with-nature shot.
    5. The Des Moines Creek Footbridge 
      The Des Moines Creek runs through our entire property all the way out to the sound. There are paths along the creek and a quaint footbridge. It is the perfect spot to get a sweet couple shot with yet another unique background.
    6. Hit the Trail The Des Moines Creek Trail is fully paved for easy access and calm, intimate shots during a busy day. The trailhead is at the end of our parking lot, so it’s just a quick trip away from the party for a couple of smooches with you, your best friend… and your photographer 😉

Public access makes our property flexible for your photoshoot times. If you hate to take yourself away from your family or are feeling too frazzled to get the shots you wanted, get dolled up on another day and come back to the Beach Park for a more intimate session.

What kinds of wedding couple photos do you want? The Beach Park has countless options to suit the vibe of any event.

Are you looking for a picturesque, affordable wedding event facility near Seattle or Tacoma? The Beach Park Event Center in Des Moines has event rental spaces, for small, medium, and large weddings nestled in quintessential Pacific Northwest nature.

Contact us today to discuss your wedding and to schedule a virtual or in-person tour.