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Beach Park Event Center Policies

Facility Rental Policies and Procedures:

Rental Facility Polices and Procedures

Facility Use Application:
  • A damage deposit, signed Facility Use Application and signed Policies and Procedures is required to book reservations.*
  • Reservations accepted on a first paid/first served basis. We cannot hold dates w/o a damage deposit.
  • Reservations accepted up to two years in advance.
  • Booking requests less than 30 days in advance are booked at the city's discretion.
  •  If approved, full payment of all fees will be due at the time of booking.
  • Parties on the application must be at least 21 years of age and MUST be present during the entire event.
  • Up to 2 adults may be listed on the Facility Use Agreement as applicants.
  • Only applicants are authorized to sign rental checklists or make changes to your booking.
  •  If you will not be available to sign please indicate who the responsible party is 30 days prior.
  • Applicants assume full responsibility for their party and guests in case of damage, theft or disturbances during the event.
  • Facility Use Applications are available upon request from the Facility Office. Please call 206-870-6724 to request the form, or visit the office located at Des Moines Marina – 22307 Dock Ave South, Des Moines WA 98198.
* Note: City of Des Moines reserves the right to adjust deposit amounts based on party size and activities.

Deposit amounts:
  • 100% of the Damage Deposit is due at time of submitting the Facility Use Application to secure a facility and reserve a date.
  • Refunds are contingent upon the condition of the building following your event.
  • Rentals forfeit all deposits if a disturbance of the peace is determined.
  • Refunds will be processed within 3-7 business days
  • Payment methods accepted are: Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Check or Money Order.**
**Note: Deposits paid by Credit/Debit card typically speed up the refund process.

Rental Fees:
  • Rental fees must be paid in full thirty (30) days prior to the event.
  • Rental fees not paid by due date are subject to a $25 late fee per business day.
  • Payment methods accepted are: Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Check or Money Order.
  • Bookings made less than 30 days prior must pay ALL fees
  • You are required to have one staff member on site for every 100 guests attending your event. in full at the time of booking.
    - All facility rentals come with one attendant with the exception of the Auditorium. The Auditorium comes with two attendants. Additional attendants will be billed at a flat rate of $160.00 per attendant and are required for the full party hours.
    - Additional Staff and/or security may be required for groups that are serving alcohol in our facilities. See 'Security Policy.'
  • Cancellation/Change of Date Policy and Fees:
    In the unfortunate situation that an event cancel's, the renter agrees and understands that the facility has been turned down to other prospective renters. For this reason, the below cancellation fee schedule will apply
    - Cancellations made 91 or more days before the reservation date will be charged a $500 cancellation fee ($100.00 Cancellation fee for Picnic Shelters.)
    - Cancellations made 90 days or less of the reservation date will be charged 50% of the rental fee and forfeit all of their damage/security deposit.
    - Change of event dates made within ninety-one (91) days or more of your rental date will be charged a $100 fee. Change of event date made within ninety (90) days or less of your event date will be charged a $500 fee.

Day of Details:

The day of your event is all about the details, and we're here to help you understand what you will be responsible for, and what we will take care of. Our Facility and Event staff will ensure we meet our client's needs. Please review your event permit in detail to ensure that all times, rental requests, and services needed are expressed thirty (30) days prior to your event To help answer your questions, here are some general expectations and housekeeping items.

What We Do:
  • Provide one on-site staff person for the duration of your event; two for the Auditorium.
  • Walk through of the facility to show the areas and supplies you have access to.
  • Provide tables and chairs at each facility – call for exact tally.
  • Assist in answering questions and troubleshooting during your event.
  • Guide your clean up and walk through the building to inspect prior to your departure.
  • Maintain restrooms and ensure they are stocked and clean throughout the event.
  • Monitor the parking lot to ensure all cars are parked legally.
  • Ensure that alcohol is only consumed at events with proper permits and ensure that all alcohol stays within the facility. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE IN OUR PARKS or LOTS.

You should expect to:
  • Arrive at your scheduled start time. We do not allow early drop off or set up.
  • Set up tables, chairs and other supplies as needed for your event, unless set up fee has been paid.
  • Maintain control of your group and ensure recreation policies are enforced.
  • Clean up following your event, finishing by the end of your rental times, unless tear down fee has been paid.
  • Go through a Rental Inspection Checklist with Recreation Attendant before and after event.
  • Kitchen cleaning is NOT included in Tear Down Fee. Renter MUST clean kitchen and kitchen equipment thoroughly.
  • Bring all your own extension cords, tape and ladders. We do not provide any of these items. clean kitchen and kitchen equipment thoroughly.
  • You will need to provide all items required for food storage, service and prep.

Set up and Tear down fee:
City of Des Moines offers an optional set up and tear down fee (prices vary based on facility, contact our office for more information). When the set up fee is paid our staff will work with you to sketch out a rough plan of how you would like your space set. Once approved, we will only set City owned rental items and your base linen, (any outside rental items or personal items brought in will be left up to you). Any modifications you want made after we have set the space will be left to you and your party.

When the Tear Down fee is paid, our staff will be responsible for the breakdown of City owned rental items as well as a full cleaning of the facility (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and restrooms.) This will be done outside of your rental time. You are still responsible for disposal of garbage and recycle, as well as any items you may have brought into the space.

Building Security:
Groups greater than 100, estimating 100 or more guests or parties open to the public (regardless of size) will require additional staff and/or police supervision at an additional cost. Security and staff are assigned at the discretion of the City. Applications are reviewed by the Des Moines Police Dept. Officers are assigned per the Chief of Police. Call for current rates.

Rate Definitions:
City of Des Moines residents contribute to Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department programs through the payment of city taxes. Effective January 1, 2010, the City of Des Moines implemented a Resident Discount Policy offering residents discounted fees for recreation programs. Non-residents and city residents who do not provide proof of residency will be assessed the full fee for programs. The Resident Discount (RD) Fee*** is available to residents living within the City of Des Moines' jurisdictional boundaries. To qualify for the RD Fee, contractors must provide proof of residency within thirty (30) days of submitting a Facility Use Application. Proof of residency is defined as:
  • Valid Washington State ID/License showing Des Moines Address.
  • ***Note: Questions related to residency should be directed to 206-870-6724.

Group Classification Definitions: ****
  • Group 1: Non-profit groups with proof of non-profit (501(c) 3) or similar status, who pay taxes to the City of Des Moines.
  • Group 2: Open membership groups: Non-profit in nature and/or private parties.
  • Group 3: For Profit Public Events

****Note: Fee waivers are available for qualifying organizations at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Director For information on waiver requests, call (206) 870-6724.

Use of Alcohol:

Alcohol is only permitted inside rented facilities. Alcohol is not permitted in parks, picnic shelters or parking lots in the City of Des Moines. If you plan to host a party with alcohol in a city building, here are some things that you will need to provide:
  • All security deposits, security personnel payment, and rental fees paid in full, in advance.
  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Des Moines as additional insured for a minimum of $1,000,000.00. Please see 'Insurance Requirements' below.
  • Purchase of an appropriate State Liquor permit to display at your event. Please provide either:
    • A Banquet Permit (to serve alcohol)
    • Special Occasion Liquor Permit (to sell alcohol)

Items to Note with Alcohol at an event:
  • Insurance costs vary per event type and size. See 'Insurance Requirements,' for details on getting a quote.
  • Rental clients are responsible for the behavior of their party.
  • Any item stored in ice must be kept off floors. Please bring absorbent material for underneath to avoid puddles as these are a tripping hazard.
  • Alcohol is not permitted outside, in parking lots, parks or similar at any time.
  • Underage drinking NOT permitted and will result in termination of the rental agreement.
  • If an event is booked as a non-alcohol event and improperly serves alcohol, the rental will be terminated and all damage deposits will be surrendered.
— Expulsion from a city facility, for any reason, results in forfeiture of all fees and deposits with no refund.

Insurance Requirements:

Insurance is required for the following types of events:
  • All events are required to have Event Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with the city of Des Moines listed as the additional insured.
  • Events serving alcohol must also have Host Liquor Liability for a minimum of $1,000,000.00 with the city of Des Moines listed as the additional insured.
  • Events involving 'high risk' physical activity as determined by the City of Des Moines.*****
    ******Note: Bounce houses are a 'high risk' activity, and require proper insurance and must be staffed by the rental company when inflated. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Events that are selling food in a city facility. ******

*****Note: The required insurance policy is: Commercial General Liability insurance and/or Host Liquor Liability Insurance with limits of $1 million each, combined single limits per occurrence naming the City of Des Moines as an additional insured.

Renters may obtain insurance by contacting their own insurance agent or through the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA) carrier.

Insurance quotes are available by visiting Washington Cities Insurance Authority at: . The site will prompt you to input a building code for the facility you have booked. Codes for City of Des Moines facilities are:

Codes for City of Des Moines facilities are:

Des Moines Activity Center: 0465-039
Des Moines Field House: 0465-044
Founders Lodge: 0465-047
Auditorium: 0465-040
Dining Hall: 0465-043

Rental Rules and Regulations:

  • Bookings are accepted (pending availability) between 7am-12am. All cleaning must conclude by 12am.
  • For every 15 minutes the facility is occupied by a rental group outside of contracted hours, the renter will be charged based on the hourly rate.
  • Rental hours are consecutive and must include time for delivery of supplies, set-up, take down, and clean-up.
  • No confetti or loose glitter can be used.
  • If an event is booked as a non-alcohol event and improperly serves alcohol, the rental and damage deposit will be surrendered. Use of either will result in an excess cleaning fee.
  • Set-up begins at the agreed upon start time for your rental. Early delivery of supplies is not permitted.
  • All items brought into a facility by the renter are to be removed by the end of the rental period.
  • Renters will place garbage in the outside dumpster located in a gated area near each building regardless of extra fees paid.
  • All City-owned equipment made available and used by the rental group must be thoroughly cleaned. This includes tables, chairs, kitchen facilities, floors, sinks, restrooms, and hallways.
  • Cleaning supplies (mops, brooms, cleansers, trash bags, etc.) are available. Ask staff for supplies.
  • If additional facility cleaning is required by City or custodial staff, it will be deducted from the damage deposit.
  • It is the responsibility of the rental group to set up and move furnishings as desired.
  • Renters will be asked to replace all furnishings to their original position before leaving the facility unless the tear down fee has been paid.
  • Applicants are the only individuals allowed to sign the Rental Inspection Checklist before/after the rental, unless we are otherwise notified at least 30 days prior.
  • Rental clients that do not sign the Rental Inspection Checklist forfeit their damage deposit in full.
  • We do not allow throwing rice, birdseed, or confetti inside or outside of the buildings.
  • We do not allow helium balloons inside our facilities.
  • Decorations on walls or windows are allowed with non-marring tape. No tacks, staples, glue or similar.
  • Use of drugs, smoking, or gambling is not permitted in any City facilities.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted within 25 feet of City buildings. Renters are responsible for picking up refuse.
  • Renters must keep their party in the areas rented and out of other spaces in the building.
  • All minors on the premises must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Event participants must park in designated parking areas only. Please do not park illegally or in fire lanes.
  • Additional parking can be arranged as need for the Des Moines Field House. Please call at least thirty (30) days in advance.
  • Parks open to the public cannot be reserved without a building.. Building and/or shelter space is available. All other spaces in parks are available to the general public on a first come-first served basis.
  • Please be aware that fires are not allowed in City of Des Moines parks per Des Moines Municipal Code Chapter 19.08 CITY PARK USE REGULATIONS, Section 19.08.030 Regulations and prohibited activities (16) No person shall build fires in a park except in areas designated by the division. BBQ's are permitted with the rental of a facility however ALL BBQ's must be gas grills as we do not have a receptacle for the disposal of charcoal.
  • Families, user groups or community events wishing to have a Barbeque (open propane or charcoal flame) at a City of Des Moines Park or Facility must have an approved Facility Use Application and Agreement issued by Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Department. All activities with open flames will be monitored by a City representative and facility use fees apply.
  • Des Moines Parks & Recreation does not assume responsibility for personal property left unattended in City Facilities. Lost & Found items are held 30 days and then donated to charity or disposed of.
  • Limited Liability: The City of Des Moines cannot be responsible for accident, injury, or loss of property.
  • City Events: The City of Des Moines scheduled events will take precedence over non-city events.
  • Music played at any indoor facility or outdoor picnic shelter area must not be audible from 20 feet away.
  • Amplified sound (band, DJ, etc.) is not allowed in parks without city approval.
  • Guest Conduct: Renters are responsible for the conduct of all members of their party. Disorderly conduct, intoxicated people, or disturbance of the public peace will result in being required to vacate the premises.
  • Misuse of any park facility or the failure to comply with these regulations will be sufficient reason for forfeiture of damage and/or denial of further reservations.
  • Whole roasted pigs are OK but must be carved outside the facility. All grease and carcass must be taken home with you and NOT disposed in the dumpster as it attracts vermin.
  • Items with metal or wood feet should be placed on felt or carpet square to avoid damage to flooring.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I reserve a facility: A completed Facility Use Application and the appropriate damage deposit is due to our Founders Lodge office to book your desired facility and date.
  • How do I pay for my reservation: We accept credit (Visa or MasterCard), debit, check, cash, or money order. Generally, deposits made with a credit/debit card are refunded more quickly.
  • When do I need to have my details finalized: All details and additions must be finalized with the Facility office thirty (30) days prior to your event, with rental payment. These details include:
  • - Any additional items, services or changes in anticipated attendance
    - Day of contacts: Coordinators, DJ, Caterer, Photographer, etc.
    - Required permits: Event Insurance, Banquet permits
    - Party responsible for checking in and out
    - Rental times
  • When would I get my damage deposit back: If the facility is left in good standing expect to see your deposit refund within 30 days. Note that deposits are refunded less a $100 booking and maintenance fee.
  • Do I need to book rental time for set up and cleaning: Yes, all reservations must be booked to include the time that you'll need to set up and the time that you'll need to clean afterwards. Rental hours are between 7am-12am.
  • Can I serve alcohol at my event: Yes. Note that we require a higher damage deposit, and that it is mandatory to purchase a banquet permit, Commercial General Liability Insurance and Host Liquor Liability Insurance to serve alcohol in any City building. More details are inside this packet.
  • Can I have decorations at my event: We allow decorations, provided anything on walls or windows are hung with non-marking tape. Most light tapes (i.e. painters tape and command strips) work fine.
  • Here are a few things that we do NOT allow:
  • - Helium balloons inside facilities. They are ok OUTSIDE
    - Birdseed, confetti/glitter and/or rice
    - Staples, thumbtacks, hot glue, screws, duct tape or nails
    - NOTHING is to be hung from pipes, life safety system or electrical wires.
  • Are there salmon in the creek that runs under the Founder's Lodge: Yes! Des Moines Creek is a salmon habitat, and it is important to keep people and debris clear of the creek.
  • Can I have a DJ or a live band: Yes, music is allowed at indoor facilities. Amplified sound must not be audible from 20 feet away, and it must be off by 11:00pm. Amplified sound is typically NOT allowed in Des Moines Parks.
  • How do I know what my price will be: Pricing is based on two separate criteria: the type of event (non-profit, private or for-profit/corporate events) and residency (resident or non-resident of Des Moines). Generally, most private events fall into the 'Group Two' category. New accounts must provide address verification for resident rate.

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